November Participant Spotlight: Meet LV

LV is a young man diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. When LV was first referred to Community Work Services Youth Pathways Program, he had limited work history and soft skills. At CWS, LV was able to engage in a job readiness training program and was quickly identify as a strong candidate for our AWSP employer-partner, based on the skills and work ethic he had displayed in the job readiness training class.

CWS provided an employer-specific assessment for LV and verified that he would be a good fit for the employer’s needs. For LV, the opportunity to work with the CWS Employment Support Coordinator (ESC) throughout his onboarding and training process was an essential component to his success as he began this new job. LV is a perfect example of the enthusiasm, skill, and dedication workers with disabilities can bring to the table when the necessary supports and accommodations are readily available.

LV successfully completed IFA and JRT where he was assisted with resume writing and online job search by his case manager, Job Readiness Instructor, Culinary Department Manager and CWS' computer lab intern. On 10/09/2018, through the help of CWS' job placement department, LR obtained a job as Grill cook within Boloco (a popular food chain) LR was concerned that he wouldn’t make it to work because he didn’t have any mean of transportation and voiced this to her case manager. CWS provided him with 2 weekly Charlie passes until he gets his first check at work.