Occupational Health

CWS has a long history of serving people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and delivering innovative services designed to help them achieve their greatest potential. We are laser focused on helping individuals of all abilities obtain living wage job. Occupational Health involves delivering an array of services and supports that help people with Intellectual and Development Disabilities (I/DD) to obtain the skills to be successful in the employment environment. Since the 1960’s, we have been serving adults and transition-age youth with I/DD through a variety of vocational, community-based day supports and supported employment services.

Occupational Health Services

  • Guidance and support with developing service and career plans which reflect and individuals short term and long term goals
  • Comprehensive assessments to help an individual discover their skills, preferences, and interests as they relate to work
  • Information and guidance in using and accessing training programs and other desired services (e.g. Further education and academic programs, health and wellness programs, recreational programs other services as they relate to socialization and maximizing independence)
  • Customized job placement focused on identifying the right job, environment and natural supports
  • Vocational supports and coaching needed to secure and retain employment including job coaching, traveling training and follow up case management
  • Assistance with accessing services to address additional barriers which may interfere with employment and achievement of goals (e.g. housing, clothing, educational supports, counseling and others).

Other Services

  • Case management
  • Vocational evaluation
  • Community-based situation assessment
  • Job development and job placement assistance
  • Job coaching and post placement supports