Food Arts Careers is designed to maximize job placement opportunities by providing students with a comprehensive education of all the facets and functions in the food industry, including farm-to-table and composting.  Sustainable practices and nutrition will be constant themes throughout the programming.

  • The growth of handcrafted foods, specialty food stores, food entrepreneurs and importance of learning a trade, as well as understanding craftsmanship, has opened the door to an array of entry level positions within the industry.
  • Each week a rotating group of guest professionals from the food industry will engage the students about a specific food category or career, sharing their knowledge and work experience with the students to prepare them for the workforce. 
  • The menu each week will feature items that relate to the subject matter, focus on skills training and cultures.
  • Along with the skills training, we provide our students with a newly updated ServeSafe™ Food Manager’s Certification curriculum.

Through our Food Arts Training Program, we offer catering services to businesses and individuals throughout Greater Boston.  Interested in having CWS cater an event, contact Jennifer Miniman, Chef and Culinary Instructor |  Click here to view our catering menu.  


Participants complete a 10-week training for careers in the hotel and hospitality industry. This program utilizes the official hospitality curriculum developed by the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Successful graduates receive the Skills Tasks and Results Training (START) Certification from the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Topics and activities include:

  • Introduction to entry-level hotel positions
  • Customer service skills
  • Tours of local hotels and restaurants