Robert Sferrazza

“Yeah. It’s a slow process, and it isn’t perfect, but you have to start somewhere. And CWS is the place to start.”

Robert Sferrazza has never been afraid of hard work. He had a wife and children and a house—all the things that are supposed to add up to a happy life. But Robert’s life was anything but happy. “What got in my way was how I felt about myself. I turned to drugs to help me feel better about me. Then, I hurt my back and was prescribed opioids. That’s when things really went bad. I lost my job. I lost my house. I lost my family. I lost myself. I really didn’t want to live anymore.”

Robert was in and out of detox and recovery. Nothing seemed to work. But then, Robert was referred to Community Work Services. “They gave me a case manager who asked what I wanted to do with my life. I had no answer. Over the years, I never really dealt with the feelings I had—love, pain, fear. I was a mess when I came to CWS. I really needed help, but I was brought up old school. You don’t ask for help. You don’t show your weaknesses. People have their own problems—they don’t want to deal with yours.”

The staff of CWS helped Robert see that it was OK to ask for help.

Today Robert credits CWS as the catalyst for a better life. He still has hard days, but he manages them better. “Here, at CWS, no one judges. Everyone just helps each other out—we are a team. They guided me in a million different ways. They helped me get clothes, doctors, therapists. They saw my work ethic. They believed in me.”

“Then they hired me full-time. Now I’m a supervisor in the training department. Now I get to give back. It’s awesome. I’m not one to brag, but I’ve come a long way. Community Work Services saved my life.”