Recent Event: Trip to Boston Museum of Science

On the recent trip to the Boston Museum of Science, all participants were from CWS’ funding source, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Within this group, there is a range of developmental disabilities that require a higher level of care and attention than many of the organization’s other participants. Most of the participants who are funded by DDS have an hour/week requirement for Community Based Day Supports, which helps ensure that they get out into the community. It also helps to ensure that they are learning and having fun (because fun is important, too!). At the museum, participants visited a new “Numbers in Nature” exhibit. At the end of the trip, participants were asked what they liked/remembered from the visit:    

-Rafaela: “I like how the mirror maze showed more than one me”

-Lloyd: “I liked walking through the mirror maze and using the body scanner”

-Bob “I liked the square game on the computer, where squares added up (Fibonacci number sequence). It was groovy”.