Workforce Development

We offer a comprehensive solution to the development of a skilled workforce — a win-win for businesses and those we serve. Through evaluation, work readiness training, rapid job placement and post placement supports, we alter the course of people’s lives. We work in close partnership with business to create customized, employer-based training designed to develop the skills and characteristics that employers require.

Work Readiness

CWS offers individuals a curriculum of workplace readiness, job exploration and counseling and work-based experiences/internships since its very beginnings. At present CWS operates job readiness training in several capacities including an intensive 6 week Job Readiness Training consisting of 21 unique workshops taught by CWS staff and various employer and community partners.The program can be broken down into 1.5 hour long workshops to support an individualized approach to supporting and best prepare Job Seekers to obtain and maintain good jobs.
Some examples of our workshops are: Resume Writing, Cover/Thank You letters, Customer Service, Setting Short-Term Goals, Self-Motivation and Initiative, Diversity in the Workplace, Proper Workplace Conduct, How to Manage Difficult Situations in the Workplace, Financial Education, Relationship building with Co-Workers and Supervisors, and Social Media in the Workplace. Our employer and community partners conduct Practices Interviews, Networking by Design, Connect2Careers, Resume Critique and a Job Search Workshop.

Job Placement

Placement Specialists work closely with program participants to identify job opportunities which meet their skills and interests, as well as customize supports necessary. In matching job seekers with employers, CWS’ Placement Team works with a network of area employers in a variety of industries, including: food service, commercial cleaning, retail, hospitality, landscaping, office support, banking, customer service and security.
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To ensure job retention and promote advancement, each participant receives post-placement services. The length of post-placement services varies upon each participant’s needs. Follow up is also provided to employers to ensure our graduates successfully fulfill their expectations.

Post Placement Services include: