Support Services

Case Management

Each program participant is assigned a Case Manager to develop their short-term and long-term employment goals. Case Managers ensure that participants effectively pursue opportunities for employment advancement and continuing education goals towards greater economic self-sufficiency. Case
Management Services include:

Job Placement

Placement Specialists work closely with program participants to identify job opportunities which meet their skills and interests. In matching job seekers with employers, CWS’ Placement Team works with a network of area employers in a variety of industries, including: food service, commercial cleaning, retail, hospitality, landscaping, office support, banking, customer service and security. Placement Services include:

Post Placement

To ensure job retention and promote advancement, each participant receives post-placement services. The length of post-placement services varies upon each participant’s needs. Follow up is also provided to employers to ensure our graduates successfully fulfill their expectations. Post Placement Services include:

Legal Assistance

CWS provides in-house attorney consultations to our participants to overcome legal obstacles that can interfere with successfully obtaining employment. This service is arranged by appointment through case management services.