Donald Haynesworth

“I have a whole new life, a whole new energy. It’s a great feeling. CWS is allowing me to be the man I want to be, for me and for my child.”

Donald Haynesworth came to CWS after being incarcerated for 20 years. “I got caught up in a lifestyle that was comfortable, but it was dangerous. I knew I was the problem, and society tried to help me, but I wasn’t ready.”

Then, in prison, Donald had a personal reckoning. He was a young father. He rarely saw his son. “I started thinking…if I die, what happens? Who will foot the bill for my child? What’s my worth–not financially, but internally. Am I responsible? These things were important to me. When I came out of prison this time, I said, ‘I’m ready.’”
CWS was ready too.

Today, Donald works in the commercial cleaning sector at CWS. He is working on honing his skills to become an expert in carpet cleaning. He has aspirations to start his own business.

“CWS allows me to excel. I show up every day and try to be the best me I can be. The opportunities CWS give me are building my confidence. They trust me to do a good job because they know that I will never leave a job undone. When I am out in the community I am representing my crew, CWS and myself.”

“I will never be incarcerated again. My end game is to be successful. I have to be a role model for my child and for others who have been through what I’ve been through.”