Lyanet Vasquez

“Being homeless is just not an excuse.”

Lyanet is an energetic 32-year old mother of six. She has her hands full, especially as a mom living in a homeless shelter. But she doesn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams.

The shelter put Lyanet in touch with CWS. “When I came to CWS, I was expecting baby number six. I used the time I was pregnant to focus on finding a way to support my family. I came to CWS to study hospitality, and I graduated with my Customer Service Agent (CSA) certificate.”
Today, Lyanet works for WeWork in Boston. “I run a building that has 1600 people. I am the main Customer Service Agent and I work hard. I run one of the top 10 buildings in the Boston area.”

Lyanet is still living in the shelter, but she believes that will change very soon. “I am just now becoming financially stable. I am well trained and I know I will succeed in this career.”

Lyanet has many goals, but one stands out most of all: “I hope to be an example for my kids and for other moms who might be in my situation. CWS gave me the opportunity. I showed up and I am showing my kids the importance of not giving up. I am showing them that there is never an excuse, never a reason to stop trying.”

Lyanet left high school at 17 when she became pregnant with her first child and the past 15 years have not been easy. “I was just a mom battling to make it every day. It’s not easy. Last year was an especially tough year. But then things started getting better.”